in its purest form

Three centuries,
three families

It was at the dawn of the 18th century that the story began. The north of the Médoc peninsular offered exciting investment opportunities for the high society of the time, and Jean-François de Pontet figured among the aristocrats and high-ranking magistrates that shaped the vast horizons of the new Médoc

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I should venture to insist, there is a touch of French reason, French completeness, in a glass of Pontet-Canet.Henry James – Voyage en France, 1877

A chosen land

The Pontet-Canet vineyard, located in the commune of Pauillac, covers 81 hectares (200 acres). It is made up of around one hundred plots and 800,000 vines looking out over the Gironde estuary. At the heart of the Pontet-Canet terroir known as the “plateau”, a gentle broad outcrop of Garonne gravel soil dating from the Günz era that sits on a bedrock of limestone

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As the vine’s “parents”, we must guide it, protect it, and help develop its defenses. To do this, we have to understand it.Alfred Tesseron

From the vineyard to the cellars, the same sensitive approach

Here, there is no school of thought or initiation rituals.
At Pontet-Canet, the vine-growing practices are the fruit of long experience. They are also the result of many trials that included moments of doubt but also of great excitement. Gaining a subtle knowledge of the living environment involves continuous observation and self-questioning

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The vintages

At the end of the day, the biodynamic approach has brought a new dimension to our wines. It has given them greater depth while producing more precise and silky tannins.
The length of flavour on the palate has gained in minerality.
Our wines are purer and more vibrant.

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