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Pontet-Canet's vines are situated within the commune of Pauillac, where the vineyard spans 81 hectares. The soul of Pontet-Canet lies in the Plateau, an outcrop of Garonne gravel over a bedrock of limestone. The poor and well-drained soil meets all the requirements of the demanding Cabernet Sauvignon grape, the trademark of great Pauillac wines. Cabernet Franc, planted in the centre of the outcrop, brings noble tannins and refinement. Some Merlot vines are planted on the gravelly clay soil which surrounds the Plateau. Three parcels on the edge of the outcrop are planted with Petit Verdot, a grape variety which produces incredible wines, bringing spicy notes.

Knowledge of the various terroirs of the estate has become more detailed and precise over the last 10 years. This understanding can be acquired by studying the soils, of course, but science provides only part of the answer. At Pontet-Canet, the sensitivity of the soils is judged glass in hand, by tasting the wines, but also by spending a lot of time in the vineyard. Theory achieves its apotheosis in practice.

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